Online Education

Whether you are just curious, a veteran grower or anywhere in between, we are planning online classroom experiences for a wide range of topics.  Planting, pest control, harvesting, propagating, business planning, brewing and more, browse through our upcoming course catalog and develop your own path.

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Personalized Consulting

Ready to plant but not quite sure about nutrient requirements?  Looking for the optimal trellis design, down to the last turnbuckle?  Just want an hour on the phone with a specialist to bounce ideas around?  Connect with a hop·nólogy expert for a la carte consulting needs.

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If you love hops like we do, you'll want to be surrounded by cool hop·nólogy schwag.  As soon as we have some available, you'll find it here!

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What is hop·nólogy?

Beer is good food.  Except when it isn't. We are living in a wonderful and yet concerning time to be a beer fan; there is some great stuff out there, and also a fair number of scary witches-brew concoctions that shouldn't be allowed out of the basement.

Growing hops, like most things involving Mother Nature, is a mix of science and art.  We are Scientists who understand the interactions between soil, nutrients, temperature, water, time and hops.  Mixed together well and treated with scientific parameters - and some good old fashioned gut feel! - you can have an outstanding product.  That's Part 1.

Part 2 is what happens when those quality hops go into your beer.  Once again it's Science, mixed with equal parts time, patience, hops, other non-hops stuff, more time, and more patience.

At hop·nólogy we take pride in teaching you one simple equation:

Science + Art = Quality Hops and Wonderful Beer

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