#16: Thirsty Hops & Water Requirements

Just turn on the sprinklers and your hops are set for water, right?  Wrong!  Bring your calculators for some heavy math.  Too little water is bad, but so is too much and we get into lots of fun stuff like foliar feeding, turgor pressure and my personal favorite, root hair death.  Plus we take a few minutes to answer some questions from a listener in Lithuania.

2 thoughts on “#16: Thirsty Hops & Water Requirements

  1. Thanks for commenting my questions! It was really nice to hear that You noticed me.
    Very good outcome of your answer – to start hop yard from ~1/3 hectare and experiment with hop varieties.

  2. Reference the hop water need of 50,000 gallons a week (during peak season) – does a translation of how much that would be in the equivalent of rain for the 50% mark? For example: 1 inch of rain will provide 25,000 gallons of water per acre?



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