#41: Business Plans

We’ve mentioned it many times: you need a solid business plan to keep you on task and define who you want to be.  In this episode we finally break down exactly what that means and how valuable things like SWOT analyses are as you try to convince others – and yourself – that your dream is going to work.

One thought on “#41: Business Plans

  1. Great lesson from your conference attendees deciding not to get into the hop business. My 1st business plan went that way. Thought it failed till grad school professor said “au contraire”, the business plan helped me avoid wasting time and loosing money on a tough business venture.

    Checked in with SCORE, then I attended UWMad grad course in business planning as non-credit special status. Great things to check out. My 2nd plan was on business valuation/acquisition… also a great money/life saver and lesson learned from this.

    I have no plans on getting into hops or brewing, but do enjoy listening when I get the chance. Reminds me of many good times over past 6 or 7 years. Kind of miss visits to Sauk/Mazo area.

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