#49: Happy Birthday to Us!

Today, Tuesday, 2/11, marks one year of podcasting madness from James and I.  We’ve learned so much and made a lot of new friends (you!), so to celebrate we are re-posting our first show, “Who is hopnology?”.
I think it definitely holds up the test of time.  Our message and goals haven’t changed, though I think that our technical quality and radio voices have improved.  I’ve traded my “ums” for “so…”, I hope that’s an improvement.
As always thank you all for being part of the journey!

Also a special thanks to our Patreon subscribers. We recently launched a Discord chat room specifically for patrons, and we are already seeing great live interaction both with us and with other hop growers from all over the world.  If you’re interested in direct Q&A and crowdsourcing solutions from fellow hop growers, check it out at patreon.com/hopnology.

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