Why Hops?

If you've made it this far into the site and are still asking this question, you're in the wrong place.  Next!

Our Story

After starting up one of the largest hop growing and processing operations in the Midwest, we came to the conclusion that what the industry really needed from us was education at every level.  We have expertise to share, stories to tell and hope to leave the world a hoppier place than we found it.

Meet the Team


James Altwies

Founder & CEO

Expertise: Hop Production, Aroma Chemistry, Sensory Science, Brewing Chemistry, Horticulture, Lecturing
Education: MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Horticulture, Environmental Biophysics) BS, University of Toledo (Biology, Cellular Chemistry)
Hobbies: Traveling, Inventing, and Science
Beer Style: English Ale

Gregg Baimel

Founder & COO

Expertise: Market Development, Customer Care, Business Analytics, Statistics 
Education: MBA & BS, Carnegie Mellon University (Mathematics) 
Hobbies: Amatuer Musician, Volunteer with Boy Scouts, and Beer Connoisseur 
Beer Style: Porter

Next Steps...

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