#20: Dryer Mechanics with Dan

So….he’s back.  If you enjoyed our first conversation with Dan Dettmers about hop drying you’ll love this one.  If you didn’t, well…I’m not sure what to say.  Dan takes his shoes off and we get more specific about dryer designs including a discussions on bed depth, pressure drop and using concrete blocks as air filters.

#17: Weather Whacking

Ah, dear Mother Nature.  There is so much that can go wrong and it’s completely out of our control, whether it’s late season frost, freak hailstorms, desert-like conditions and other madness.  While you can’t predict these events and certainly can’t prevent them, what can you do to mitigate the damage and understand the path forward?  […]

#14: Brewer Lingo Bingo!

You’re having a great conversation with a brewer, they’re interested in your hops, and then they ask for your advice on their use.  “I just grow them, you’re the brewer” isn’t an acceptable answer.  We take you through brewing terminology and how to engage in this conversation.  Provide value to your customer while putting your […]