One thought on “#46: Pellet Problems and 2020 Trends

  1. I’ve heard of some of the newer neo-mexicanus varieties like Sabro pelletized very different than most hops, with a much oilier texture notwithstanding their oil content. I’m wondering if those physical differences, plus the strong lactone aroma character could indicate fatty alcohol/wax production as an insulation response to the higher heat and stronger sunlight in the lower latitude neo-mexicanus growing regions. Any thoughts?

    Also, is the stronger herbal spice character (not sesquiterpene herbal) like sage and oregano in the newer neo-mex varieties due to p-menthanes like carvone, and if so, is their production derived from limonene oxidation and is that indicative of an overall metabolite balance shifted towards more oxidized hydrocarbons like ketones, as compared to non-neomexicanus varieties? I’m assuming different hop ‘families’ express different suites of red-ox maintenance mechanisms, is there much research in this area?


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