Speaking Engagements

There is no better way to learn than by shared experiences.  Trading ideas, stories, successes and failures create perspective as well as knowledge.  We also love the community aspect of conferences.  There is nothing quite like getting together with like-minded individuals for a common goal: learning from each other and building a stronger industry of growing and brewing.

Are you having a conference, either live or virtual, and need speakers?  Please reach out to us.  We have experience with many topics, including:

Brewing Science

  • History of hops
  • Basic hop products and usage
  • Advanced hop products and usage
  • Hop aroma compounds and how to keep them in beer
  • Alpha acid chemistry, isomerization, and considerations
  • Effect of high temperature drying on hop volatile aromatics
  • Dry hop extraction chemistry; maximizing dry hop aroma
  • Identifying characteristics that create balance; more is not better
  • Innovating is not adding glitter; how to stand out by creating balance, not gimmick
  • Brewing with Botanicals; considerations and catastrophes


  • Building a business plan
  • Marketing yourself
  • How to sell to brewers
  • Crafting your elevator speech
  • Managing cash flow
  • Borrowing money and insuring your crop

Plant Science

  • Basic hop botany
  • Advanced hop botany
  • Nutrient requirement determination
  • Fungicide modes of action and how to use them
  • Soil chemistry in the hop yard
  • Hydrology in the Hop yard
  • Hop chemistry for growers
  • Influence of photoperiod on hop flowering
  • Training timing and impact on side arm development

Farm Operations

  • Trellis design and construction
  • Irrigation fundamentals and design
  • Hop harvesting, Equipment, and Processes
  • Processing facility design
  • Hop storage considerations
  • Hop pelletizing and food processing requirements
  • Hop drying principles
  • Hop dryer design and construction
  • Fertilizer application and timing
  • Seasonal planning
  • Hiring workers and managing a workforce
  • Pest and Disease Fundamentals
  • Building a pest and disease control program

We are privileged to have had the opportunity to speak at universities and industry associations around the world. Reach out to us for availability for your next event. No conferences coming up near you? We can help you set one up!