Links to stuff we talk about during the podcast.  Some is our own, others have credit given where due.  Share the knowledge!

Untappd: Episode #153 (1/31/2022) looks at data captured from the Untappd app. We found this on the Brewer’s Association web site but you can also watch the presentation on YouTube:

The Hype Cycle: Episode #150 (1/10/2022) is about the patterns we’ve seen in hop growers. Credit to Gartner, Inc.

5 Stages of the Hype Cycle

Multisensory Flavor Perception: Episode #124 (7/12/21) is about our inability to properly distinguish between aroma, taste and flavor. During the episode we reference 70 pages of research; here they are!

Just how much of what we taste derives from the sense of smell?

What’s that smell? Episode #111 (4/12/21) gets into orthonasal and retronasal aroma, and we reference this excellent research paper during the discussion.

During the “Drying Hops Again” Episode #109 (3/29/21) we talk about our free oast blueprints that were developed as part of Gorst Valley Hops. Here they are!

Shopping Time! In episodes #91 and #95 we talk about the stuff you need around the farm. Our shopping lists are now publicly available on Amazon for you to review the items that we’re discussing. We will continue to periodically update them and talk about the changes, but now you can actually see what we’re talking about.

As we’ve said on the show, please don’t buy any of this as a “wishlist gift”! We don’t want it. Make sure you’re ordering for yourselves!

Note that this isn’t an affiliate link, we don’t make anything off of it and none of these companies have asked us to promote them. We also reserve the right to change the list whenever we feel like it.

Math, math and more math. So many great tools in the Engineering Toolbox. Referenced in Episode #86, Irrigation, among others.

Once upon a time we wrote a detailed manual on Hop Processing. Here it is! Discussed in Episode #81, Contract Processing.

Episode #71, The Dunning-Kruger Effect, produced some of our favorite feedback. This graphical representation of DK is borrowed from an article by Joshua Render.

If you enjoyed episode #31 about our drying study, here’s the full document. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The 2019 Nebraska Grower’s Conference was highlighted by James’ presentations. They’re here but be forewarned, he’s a visual presenter, so the best way to get the full info is to invite him to your local conference.