2 thoughts on “#9: Eight Questions that Brewers Ask Hop Growers (and answers!)

  1. Hi guys,

    Loving the podcasts, not yet growing any hops but I can imagine the brewer asking “When will the hops be ready”? Obviously very dependent on mother nature, the variety of hops etc. How do you go about giving a realistic answer especially when you were first starting out (first few years).

    Side question: when are the online courses starting?

    Thanks, Sam

    1. Thanks Sam! You’re absolutely correct, harvest timing changes every year and depends on water, temperature, variety and so many other things. That said when you are running multiple varieties, drying and then pelletizing you’re likely going to be all about picking and drying for a while, storing, and then pelletizing all at once when your time in the yard is done. Most brewers understand that you’re looking at August-October before the process is completely finished. They should also be familiar with the fact that if they want wet hops right off the bine they need to be ready for that last-minute phone call since it is so difficult to pinpoint it too far in advance.

      The online courses are coming along but we’re not ready-for-prime-time just yet. I know we still list April on the web site but we are likely now looking at early May for the first wave of topics.

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