2 thoughts on “#47: Your Need to Weed

  1. I applaud you guys, as the apprentice with a very lite tool bag I plan to make my hammer and saw work as well as it can and will we be adding tools as I correctly learn how to use them. I’d like to believe your underlying message to me was direct. Since the woody weeds in our field went to seed in the most horrific way (prior to me taking it over) I will be battling this mares tail for years to come. I had this playing while my fiancé was cooking breakfast and when you said “a considerable amount” I turned to her and said James means a SHIT load they is gone be a shit load of weeds to deal with in that bank. I am sure I’ll be sending some questions your way about the herbicides we’re going to buy plus finding some equipment that will save us time rather then backpacking it. Also I believe we plan to cover crop in the future so would be very interested in companion crop episode maybe touch why and why not. Have a good week guys.

    1. Thanks for the note John! We actually recorded a follow-up on cover cropping this past weekend and that will release next Monday.

      And yes, James absolutely meant “a shit load of weeds”. 🙂

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